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First a Little Background...

What are Snapchat Geofilters?

Snapchat geofilters are special overlays for Snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations. So, basically, they are pretty graphics that dress up a Snap. They're very similar to digital stickers, except they are actually built into the program. Geofilters change depending on where someone is when they take a photo or video, so the geofilters Joe Bloggs sees in Chelsea will be different from the geofilters you see in Camden Town.

Geofilters can be set globally and the map is increasing. They are available in the following regions:

  • UK
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia
  • Canada
  • S. America
  • Caribbean

For more details, check the Snapchat Geofilter Map.

N.B. Contact information like URLs, hashtags, and social media handles are not allowed.

What are they used for?

Geofilters are often used by companies and businesses for corporate events and conferences, but they are also used by individual Snapchatters to commemorate all manner of special events such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, christenings, baby showers, or anything of the like.

How to Map a Geofilter

Geofilters only show up for users within a certain range. If you purchase a custom geofilter, that range is roughly 20,000 square feet or more. You provide the details about the area you want your geofilter to pop up within, and Snapchat will create a "geofence."

How to Find a Geofilter

Simply open Snapchat, click on settings (cog icon), select 'Manage', and make sure the 'Filters' box is checked, and thats it. After this, you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

How It Works

Step 1

You provide us with the venue details (within Snapchat's geofilter coverage), date & time you wish the filter to go live, and how long you need the filter live for (i.e. 6, 12, 24 hours).

Step 2

If its a personalised filter, you then need to select the template you want, specifying your unique details to be added. Otherwise give a few details on your design requirements.

Step 3

Once payment is accepted, we will email you your design within 48hrs so that you can see a preview of the filter.

Step 4

We will then set your filter live on your chosen date. Then all you need to do is take a photo on snapchat and swipe until you see your filter.

N.B. Contact information like URLs, hashtags, and social media handles, are not allowed.
N.B. Our geoflilters include the standard Snapchat upload & activation fee.
N.B. We will fence 20,000 sq ft (20,000ft = over 7 tennis courts) around your specified venue (unless specifically requested).
N.B. Everyone in your location will be able to do the same and share their snaps too.

You can get the current Snapchat App below:

What We Offer

Snapchat geofilters are special creative overlays for Snaps which can be accessed in certain specified locations. So, in layman terms, they are pretty graphics that dress up a Snap.
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Either personalise a ready-made filter template or let us create a completely bespoke filter especially for you. It's quick, easy and will add a wow factor to any occasion or event. It’s an ideal attention-grabber for birthdays, christenings, weddings, nights-out or even corporate events.

Simply let us know when and where you would like your filter to be localised to, and everyone in your selected location will be able to Snap YOUR personalised Filter.


Take our ready created designs and apply the details specific to your event e.g. names, age, location, date. These are great to really personalise your event or even as a gift!


A bespoke geofilter can be designed according to your own personal requisites. Allow us to tailor–make a filter for your special occasion or event and according to your taste. We can adhere to themes, colours, fonts, etc. to create a unique filter just for you.


Our business oriented Snapchat filters are designed specifically for your business according to your requirements. Such designs can be geared to a brand, event, conference, logo etc. These geofilters are an excellent way to interact with clients, customers (both potential and existing) as well as a means to increase your business’ brand awareness.

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